Common Questions in Outcomes Research Services

Q: What is meant by “patient-centric”?
A: The patient is intimately involved in their therapeutic outcomes and health care determinations. Patient Reported Outcomes are patient-centric as opposed to utilization studies.

Q: How is Theradym’s outcomes research innovative?
A: Theradym has developed a synergistic relationship with a Clinical Research Organization to determine patient specific therapeutic outcomes in a valid, expedient, and cost-effective manner. This is in contrast to the existing pharmaceutical Clinical Research Organization model which determines non-specific outcomes data.

Q: What is the benefit of technology integration?
A: The benefit falls in to three areas

  • To improve patient monitoring, interaction, and therapeutic intervention.
  • To facilitate medical team integration, collaboration, and reporting.
  • To provide comprehensive analytics and discovery on cost and therapeutic endpoints.

Q: How should “outcomes” really be defined?
A: Outcomes should direct measures of therapeutic interventions rather than non-specific global data sources. The data collected is meaningful to specific cost and therapeutic endpoints.

Q: What is the difference between efficacy and effectiveness?
A: Efficacy determines if a therapeutic modality can work. Effectiveness measures how well it does work. Clinical Research Organizations in the pharmaceutical industry determine efficacy which cannot determine benefit, as it is not a comparative measure.

Q: What are the limitations of “big data”?
A: While big data can be effectively used in population health studies, it can never be patient specific. Big data determinations are costly and time consuming. Valid comparative effectiveness and patient outcomes determinations have to be performed at the individual level.

Q: What is the value of a Clinical Research Organization?
A: A Clinical Research Organization utilizing Patient Reported Outcomes will produce concise, meaningful data, and valid outcomes determinations.