The Institute of Medicine’s seminal report on pain in America outlined the critical need for fundamental changes in health care. They stressed the need for increased utilization of technology to improve health care delivery and patient outcomes; and that the health care delivery system should return to its moral imperative – a focus on the patient. The IOM concluded that more effective therapeutic management results in decreased medical resource utilization and reduced health care cost. Much like the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), Theradym was formed to address this need.

The Value Proposition of Theradym’s Outcomes Research Services

Traditional Clinical Research Organizations:

  • Conduct research with the intent to bring a product to market
  • Focus primarily on efficacy (Does the therapy work?)
  • Use research methods that are quite time consuming
  • Are expensive
  • Non-patient specific, limiting therapeutic application

Theradym’s innovative use of a Clinical Research Organization:

  • Conducts research with the intent to measure therapeutic outcomes
  • Determines comparative effectiveness of varied therapeutic interventions
  • Delivers pertinent, immediate, real-time results
  • Is relatively inexpensive and scalable
  • Can be integrated into a therapeutic model